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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Like a River

This is my first foray into lace and shawl knitting and I have to say I love it! I was inspired to buy the yarn (Kidsilk spray in a really pretty shade of dusky pink) after hearing Brenda Dayne describe blocking her shawl in an episode of Cast-On, my favourite knitting podcast, and how it turned from a formless jumble into something beautiful. The River stole (Rowan 38) is about 7/12ths done and I find that it knits up really quickly and easily. I was surprised because I had read a few negative comments about knitting this but I really like the pattern. The repeats aren't particularly interesting but the rows are pretty short (just 62 stitches) and I'm stil thrilled at finding I have the right number of stitches left after each row! Hopefully I can finish off the last five repeats before the end of the summer as it's definitely a summer garment.

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