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Friday, July 21, 2006

Almost too hot to knit

It's been scorching this week and I've finally had to give up on all of my wool-based projects. There's something intrinsically wrong about knitting socks in black merino double knitting when it's 33°C outside. The cashmere cardi is a little better for the heat and I got lots done last weekend whilst watching the final round of the Scottish Open (golf and knitting just really seem to go together). However, the sad truth is that, beautifully soft as it is once washed, straight off the cone it's rather string-like and my hands were beginning to cramp up.
So I'm knitting with cotton, Rowan cotton tape to be precise. I'm knitting a scaled down version of Clapotis, partly as a trial run to knit a full-size version with the Colinette Tagliatelle that's burning a hole in the drawer under my bed (where I keep the stuff I feel really bad about never managing to knit with), partly because I'm not sure quite how much cotton tape I actually have or will need.

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