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Thursday, July 06, 2006

More weekend knitting

I finished the first sock of this pair last weekend at my parents' house "up north". The pattern on the cuff is from a Sarah Dallas top in Rowan 32. It's not quite as clear as I hoped it would be due to the fuzziness of the yarn (Jaeger Matchmaker Alpaca which I bought in the John Lewis sale about a year ago) but I hope that it will be more distinct with blocking. The great thing about sock knitting is that you can try out patterns from sweaters that you see where you don't particularly want to knit the whole garment but love the pattern. The toe is finished off with the three-needle bind-off. I have mostly been grafting sock toes lately but I finished this whilst watching the England Portugal game at my brother's flat and I didn't have a yarn needle to hand.

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