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Thursday, June 30, 2011

New carpet!







You may be thinking why would we want to cover over the wood flooring with carpet? Trust me the boards are not as nice as they look in these photos. Beside the terms of the ground lease don't allow us to have bare boards. Granted this is the same lease that forbids us from playing a pianola after 11:30pm but still it wouldn't be fair on the downstairskes.

Now we just have to build our bookshelves, move the cardboard box fort containing all the books from the living room back to the spare room, oh and find someone to trim and rehang the four doors which wouldn't clear the carpet. I have to say that I'm a little narked that the estimator from John Lewis didn't tell us that the doors would need trimming when he came last week but it's a small gripe.

Now do you want to see something really horrific?

Moth damage

I was really excited this morning when I finally found where my original Berry Hill mittens had been hiding all this time. Sadly something had found them first. This is why I now keep all my knitwear in plastic boxes with cedar blocks in them. Can we all take a moment to mourn the sad passing of my wee gloves? At least they're immortalised on Ravelry. Also fallen prey to the moths' tooth were some Louisa Harding fingerless mitts (one of my earliest knits), my bonfire night mittens (in the same yarn as the Berry Hill mittens - that stuff must have been tasty), and a non-handknit hat and scarf. Sigh!


April Robinson said...

That's beautiful. I love new carpet and good neighbors.

It's win win!


Moggle said...

So sad to lose your mitts :-/

But yay for new carpet :-)

Woolldaze Two said...

Wow, how, erm, *big* was this moth? That's a well-chewed piece of knitwear.

Jenny said...

yay for carpet, it looks lovely!
shame about the mittens :(

Lien said...

Oooh, maybe we will be brave enough to re-do our carpetting now. But, hey, it's good enough for the sixties!

The same thing happened to my Endpaper mitts...found them when we moved, couldn't be saved. The first piece of knitting that I actually threw out.

Felix said...

I am so sad to see your poor gloves, but your new carpet is beautiful!

Mikal Ann said...

Moths?? Oh the horror!! On the upside, the carpet looks wonderful.

Anonymous said...

That's scary moth damage (I'm thinking something much bigger than the average moth) but thank heavens it was relatively confined...

Nice carpet, btw!

Helen said...


nice carpet, love the colour!

...and may I join you in mourning the passage of your mitts *sniff* :-(

Helen xx

Marybelle Storz said...

It looks quite nice! A new carpet on the floor is always a wonderful sight that you can enjoy, right? That's too bad about your mittens, though. Well, enjoy your new and lovely carpet nevertheless!

Ailith Blesington said...

The floor looks so much better with the new carpet. I hope you have found someone to trim and re-install the four doors that would not clear the carpet. Leaving them be would create unnecessary wear patterns on your lovely carpet.