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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Darn It and Stitch

It doesn't seem like a year since Jo opened Darn It and Stitch (Oxford's only haberdashery) but she celebrated the shop's first birthday today with cakes (both crafted and real) and a drop-in workshop and book signing by Mary Jane Baxter. I didn't have time to stay for the workshop but I had a lovely time browsing round the newly refurbished shop and picked up some very cute bits and pieces.

I'll show off the rest of my haul on another occasion (when there's better light for photography) but I couldn't resist this sequinned motif.

Blue bow vest

Which is now adorning this vest.

Blue bow vest

It's almost instant crafting gratification. A £1.99 vest from the Gap sale, a £7.50 motif, half an hour of stitching and I now have a snazzy new top.

I took a few shots of the birthday decorations and the new layout in the shop.


Check out the amazing crafted cakes in the window. Mine is the knitted cake with the pink "icing" in the bottom left photo above.


I love how Jo has arranged everything together by colour and the way that she's used vintage suitcases for shelving.

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Felix said...

That looks amazing! I love the meta-bow and all the rainbow photos of Darn it and Stitch.