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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Domestic upheaval

The spare room is nearly empty, the front room is full of boxes, I can't reach my spinning wheel and the TV will have to stay on stand-by as we literally cannot get close enough to it to reach the on/off button. We're not moving (thank goodness) but we are getting new carpet in the hall and spare room which means that everything that was in them must be stashed elsewhere. The biggest challenge is the huge desk (plus pc and monitor) in the spare room. The plan at the moment is to move it into our bedroom at the last minute on the morning that the carpet fitters are due to turn up and then just hope that we don't want anything out of the bedroom until they've gone away again.

Despite the upheaval and the vague sense of panic associated with the fact that there's still a lot of stuff to move before I can start vacuuming and cleaning I'm very excited. The flooring in these two rooms (bare scuffed boards plus trip hazard rugs) has annoyed us for over three years - it's going to be so lovely to have beautiful clean carpet in there instead. Then once that's done we can put up the new bookshelves - it's all going to look so much nicer.

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