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Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday cupcakes

I was very excited today when I came home to a mystery parcel on my doorstep.


I was even more excited when I saw it was a mystery parcel from Felix who is pretty much queen of amazing presents.

I opened it to find a quantity of packing.


I took some time to enjoy the sonic properties of the giant bubblewrap (I felt sure Felix would approve).


Then peeled back the tissue paper to reveal ...


... plates with holes in?


Ah, now it makes sense!

Of course my first act, even before ringing Felix to say thank you, was to get out one of my trusty cupcake cookbooks and work out what I could bake with the ingredients at hand.


After a little thought I came up with chocolate cupcakes with chocolate fudge topping. Very yummy.

Happy Friday to you all. I wish you flowers and cupcakes and beer and whatever makes the weekend joyous for you.


Felix said...

I am delighted that the sonic properties of the giant bubblewrap were not lost on you! So glad you like the cakestand; all your great baking deserves to be properly showcased!

Jenny said...

Hurrah for Felix! that's a lovely cakestand :) and yes it is nice to be able to showcase ones baking properly!

ruthcrafts said...

happy weekend! hurrah for Felix and cupcakes and lunches and sunshine :)

Petit Filoux said...

How lovely!!