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Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday flowers

I've got some of the other Bluestockings coming over tomorrow for the annual yarn swap and wind-off so I had the perfect excuse to visit my favourite flower shop (this is where I got my wedding bouquet) for some delicious spring-time tulips.

Friday flowers

These are adorable - can you see the pink stems at the top?

Friday flowers

I love the Friday feeling you get from buying flowers at the weekend. I was very happy walking from the flower shop to the bus stop in the sunshine through one of the prettiest streets in Oxford. I wish I'd had my camera on my so I could show you a picture of all the differently painted houses with the sunlight and shadows on them.

Now I'm off to make lemon fairy cakes* and continue tidying for tomorrow.

Have a lovely weekend all of you!

* all my (four) cupcake recipe books refer to them as cupcakes but fairy cake is a much prettier term!

btw I've got one eye on MasterChef (still catching up from whilst I was away) and I'm going to have to rewind to check exactly which top London restaurant it is that's serving squirrel liver quenelles. I suppose it's one way to cut down on the greys in London's parks.


Anonymous said...

Of course they are Fairy Cakes! My Gran used to call them that, too. And hers were perfect!

Would love to see Oxford's street - missing Britain a lot.

Moggle said...

Hope you have lots of fun at the wool wind-off :-)

Anonymous said...

As an American who had wondered what "fairy cakes" might be, I'm a bit disappointed to find they're simply cupcakes, delectable though those are. I suppose I was hoping for something more magical, to justify the name. . .
-- stashdragon