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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Elevated fairy cakes

So when I signed off last night I was just about to make some cup, sorry, fairy cakes for the yarn swap which took place today.

Do you want to see how they turned out?


I love the cupcake stand (borrowed from Jenny). I may have to get one of my own. Nothing like a good cake stand to elevate your afternoon cuppa into an event.


I love the little orange and lemon slices which I found in the Co-op and I'm pleased with my buttercream piping which, after a bad start with the wrong piping nozzle*, was pretty consistent. It's good to get the practice in as I've just signed up to a company-wide baking contest at work and I know (from sampling the output at various recent cake sales) that the competition will be stiff.

More on the yarn swap and the knitting that I got done tomorrow (or rather later today as it's now past midnight). Time now for a bit of Patrick O'Brian and then sleep.

* too narrow a star which meant that buttercream started to ooze from the spaces between the stitches in the seam of my piping bag rather than coming out of the nozzle as intended.


Anonymous said...

It all looks delicious! Is that an antique stand? What an unusual idea.

Ozzy Blackbeard said...

Mmm... they look delicious! I love the stand, you should definately get one. :)

ruthcrafts said...

They look great! I'm sorry I couldn't make it :) I don't know if they're everywhere, but my local branch of The Works had some of the cupcake stands this week!

Petit Filoux said...

They look very tasty!!