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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Crafty hens

I had an amazing crafty time yesterday afternoon at the Make Lounge in Islington where Amy had arranged for us to have a bath and body products class there for the lovely Jenny's hen day.

hen day nibbles

The cupcakes were made by your truly btw - I was very flattered when Jennifer from the Make Lounge said she thought they were professional. I still need to brush up on my piping skills before MasterBaker starts though.

After lunch at the Candid Art cafe we were met at the Make Lounge by Jennifer and Emily who set out all our eatables and showed us how to make massage bars, bath bombs, shower scrubs, and lib balm from cocoa butter, shea butter, beeswax, almond and rape seed oil, honey, sugar, and various essential oils. There was lots of sniffing, melting, stirring, blending, and pouring and we each had a goodie bag full of lovely stuff to take home at the end of the day.

busy hens 1

Clockwise from top left: Jenny, Anna, and Jennifer from Make Lounge making massage bars; Jenny and Cat making bath bombs; Emily smelling essential oils; Emily, Claudia and Zoe making bath bombs.

My favourite activity was making the massage bars and lip balms as there's lots of melting and mixing involved but my favourite products were the bath bombs - they just look so cute when popped out of their little heart shaped moulds.

I made the following:

1 x massage bar with sweet orange and ylang ylang essential oils.
1 x massage bar with cocoa powder and black pepper and sweet orange essential oils.
12 x mini bath bombs with lavender flowers and lavender and black pepper essential oils.
12 x mini bath bombs with rose petals and rose geranium and ylang ylang essential oils.
1 x lip balm with rape seed oil and honey.
1 x shower scrub with grapefruit and black pepper essential oils.

The flat smelt like a branch of Lush this morning when I unpacked it all!

busy hens 2

Clockwise from top left: Claudia and Zoe melting cocoa butter; Anna and Janina making bath bombs; Amy making bath bombs; Tash melting cocoa butter; Jenny making bath bombs; Emily making bath bombs.

hen bath products

Clockwise from top left: finished bath bombs and massage bars; massage bars poured into moulds; bath bomb mix; finished lip balm.

I had lots more fun today packaging up the various things as gifts - there's far too much for me to use up myself. I can really recommend the Make Lounge for a lovely afternoon out. It's a fantastic crafty space and we were made to feel really welcome there.

Now it's time for another left over cupcake and maybe a soak in the tub with some of my products.


Petit Filoux said...

Wow looks amazing! Sounds like you had a great time!

Felix said...

Funny! I spent the weekend at my oldest friend's hen do and on Saturday we all had a massive pampering session. I spent Friday evening and afternoon thus compiling hand and foot scrubs (lime, lavender, seasalt, lemon and calendula) and lemon and cocoa butter moisturising cream!

Hurrah for smelling good before a Wedding, I reckon.

Anonymous said...

this looks and sounds like so much fun!!!