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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Some other stuff I did on my honeymoon

So I didn't just hold a koala for the entire three weeks I was in Australia (I might have done if they'd let me though). We did lots of other amazing things too.

We went sea kayaking in Byron Bay and saw bottle nose dolphins and turtles.

Dolphin in Byron Bay

The coastline around Byron Bay is just stunning (to be fair this can be said for most of south east Australia).

Byron Bay

Cape Byron

Mainland Australia's most easterly point - next stop South America!

We saw kangaroos and wallabies in the wild!

Wallaby and joey

We went wine tasting in the Hunter Valley.

Wine tasting in the Hunter

McGuigan winery

We visited the Blue Mountains. I was completely blown away by how lush Queensland and New South Wales are. Rainforest as far as the eye can see.

The Three Sisters, Katoomba

We had four fantastic days in Sydney. It was amazing to see icons like the Sydney Harbour bridge and opera house and I loved looking round the weekend market at the Rocks. There were some great craft stalls and I bought a fabulous dress to wear to the three weddings I'm going to this summer!

Sydney Harbour bridge

After Sydney we drove down the Sapphire Coast via Kiama, Merimbula, and Metung to Phillip Island where we saw the penguin parade. This was just an amazing experience - I feel so lucky to have seen these wonderful birds in the wild and I have to say they are beyond cute. We weren't allowed to take any photos but just look on You Tube for little penguins and Phillip Island.

Sapphire coast

It's called the Sapphire Coast for a reason!

Right, now it's back to the serious business of yelling "Come on Rory!" at the TV.


tinebeest said...


Sometime during the past year there was a documentary about the penguins on the Beeb. It was really interesting (although the narrator was Rolph Harris IIRC and may not be to everyone's taste).

Petit Filoux said...

How beautiful!! The colour of the sea is simply incredible!

Lara said...

Looks like you had a fantastic trip, thanks so much for my card too :) I'm especially and predictably jealous of the penguins. So cute. Xx