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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Finished object - Spring Garden Tee

Spring Garden Tee

Pattern: Spring Garden Tee by Alana Dakos at Never Not Knitting
Size: 3 months
Yarn: Rowan Calmer (1.5 balls)
Needles: 4mm and 3.5mm circulars

I am such a fan of Alana Dakos' knit designs but this is the first (though definitely not the last) that I've actually knitted. I downloaded the pattern on Thursday evening when my current colourwork project ground to a halt and I needed something to knit for the weekend. It's now Saturday evening and the project is done and blocking and ready for my parents to hand over to my sister on Sunday. It's destined for my new niece (who is just now over 2 months old) and hopefully will be a useful and pretty addition to her summer wardobe (yes, I know it's only April but it was 22 degrees C today!).

Spring Garden Tee

I used the two balls of Rowan Calmer that I picked up at the Sticks'n'String yarn swap in Reading back in March. I was originally planning to make the 3 year old size for my older niece, Laurie, but was worried i wouldn't have quite enough yarn. It's all fine though as I can always pick up some more Calmer for a t shirt for her when I'm in London for the FA Cup semi-final next weekend.

The only downside to whipping through this project so quickly is that I'm now a bit stuck for what to knit on my journey back home tomorrow. After spending an hour or so trawling through Ravelry I'm still none the wiser so I might just have to improvise.

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