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Friday, November 05, 2010

Damp squibs

It's a decidedly rainly bonfire night here in Oxfordshire. The boyfriend and I (plus future sister-in-law) went to the fireworks display at Somerville. It may have been raining a bit but it didn't dampen the fireworks or the spirits of the spectators. Much whooping and clapping after the final rocket had exploded (and we all retreated back into the dry). The Knotty gloves weren't finished in time after all - they're a day late and two fingers (and a thumb) short. I expect them to be done by the time I reach Banbury on the train tomorrow which means I need to get organised and sort out some weekend knitting. For the first time in ages I really feel like knitting some proper lace. Something like this or this or this. This is partly because I've been browsing shawls on Ravelry searching for the perfect wedding shawl (they're all so pretty) and partly because I've rediscovered my Peacock feathers shawl. Having gone around for years saying that I didn't want to knit any more laceweight shawls because I had so few occasions to wear them I've finally twigged that the Peacock looks fabulous worn as a scarf.

The trouble is, having decided I want to knit a shawl I don't seem to have any laceweight yarn around. What I do have is lots of odds and ends of sock yarn and a couple of glove patterns that I need to work up so I'll get working on those whilst I work out which of these lovely shawls I want to knit.

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Felix said...

Yo Liz all those shawls look awesome!

We don't have rain here but we have spent the evening indoors decorating, rather than setting off rockets outdoors (much to Mark's dismay.)

Luckily there has been an awesome display in the street which we enjoyed through the window and now we've rinsed out the brushes, it seems Mark is keen to blow up the one rocket he has left over from last year!

Your knotty gloves are going to be amazing whenever you finish off those last bits. x