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Friday, November 05, 2010

All coming together

A bit more progress on the wedding dress muslin this evening. I stitched the side back pieces to the centre back of the bodice and finished the edges for the back drapes. I then switched from sewing to knitting in an effort to finish the Knotty gloves in time for bonfire night tomorrow. I don't think it's going to happen I'm afraid. I've got the best part of four fingers plus a thumb to knit before tomorrow evening and right now I'm alternating between blogging and feeding paper into the printer whilst the boyfriend prints out the wedding invitations from the laptop. After visting most of the stationers in Oxford I finally tracked down some cream C5 envelopes that could be bought as a pack (rather than for 65 pence per envelope). Note to self: next time we embark on anything involving invitations we will source envelopes before finalising layout and design.

We've also had a very encouraging quote on the catering front, much more encouraging at least than the firm that quoted us a price for which, as Cat pointed out yesterday, we could have taken all our guests for a champagne tea at the Randolph and still have money to spare!

Off to bed now - I'm trying to catch up on my sleep in advance of a very early start up north on Saturday morning. Sky TV or ESPN, or whoever's television coverage of the Bolton v Spurs game this weekend means that the game kicks off at 12.45, just have no consideration for the travelling fans!

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Felix said...

Great to read up on the progress of the muslin! What a lot of pieces you have there and how careful you are being with it all!

Glad you found envelopes in the end; pleasing stationery is surprisingly difficult to find; I always have a large hunt for art project purposes.