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Monday, May 03, 2010

What's on?

My needles:

Mitten cuff

Beginnings of a mitten in hand-dyed yarn with a butterfly pattern for the Oxford Guild of Weavers, Spinners, and Dyers butterflies and moths challenge for Fleece Day next month. I overdyed some oatmeal coloured Bluefaced Leicester with supercook food colouring using cream of tartar as a mordant.

Revontuli shawl

Also a Revontuli stashbuster shawlette using one ball of raspberry Jaeger Matchmaker merino and some leftover Artist's Palette Sweet Feet sock yarn. I was thinking whilst walking to Sticks'n'String in Reading last week that I needed a chevron shawl pattern to use up some of my sock yarn odds and ends and then as soon as I arrived I saw someone knitting this, perfect! I've just got one repeat to go on this one, then I might start another with the rest of my oddballs.

The stove:

Mushroom risotto

Very exciting looking mushroom stock and sliced chestnut mushrooms for risotto for tonight's dinner. I'm cooking my first recipe from my new MasterChef cookbook. I'm not doing the truffled brie, alas. Even if I could afford truffles I don't know where I'd find them round Woodstock on a Bank Holiday Monday.

The ball-winder:

Handspun grey welsh

Handspun light grey Welsh fibre from Wingham Woolwork bought at Woolfest last summer. I've spun this at an aran/chunky weight. It should do nicely for the next four panels on my handspun British breeds log cabin blanket.

My nails:

Coordinating nails

I love it when my nails coordinate with my knitting.

And finally the TV: it's been an all-day Buffy-fest round here (with a short excursion out to the park for scone and tea).


tinebeest said...

Oh you lucky thing, you get the bank holidays...

All the stuff on your needles is yummy, and I love Jaeger merino matchmaker. Must caress the shawl on Wednesday...

I've been working my way through the boxset of The Thick of It. Ideal TV knitting, it's almost like a radio play so you can concentrate on a more tricky stitch pattern. If you can stop laughing...

Felix said...

I love this post with all the beautiful plum-colours and the sense of recuperation and relaxation attending your post-marathon activities.

I am also impressed that the Revontuli shawl is already so deeply underway. In fact, as I type this, you are probably wearing or blocking said shawl!