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Friday, May 28, 2010

One thing at a time

The other weekend I was mulling over what project I should start next, maybe a Coraline or Manu in Jamieson and Smith or a new spinning project (I bought a braid of Shetland in the Bay of Fires colourway from Megan at the last OGWSD meeting) when I suddenly realised I was feeling rather panicky, like my knitting work-load (knitting work-load!?) had become too much for me. Time to take a step back. Just because I'm involved in three biggish projects at work there's no need to replicate the situation in my crafting. This is my hobby after all, it's meant to be fun, and relaxing.

So for a little while I'm just going to be working on one project at a time - either until the current backlog of WIPs has been worked through or things calm down at work (whichever comes first!).

Jorvik sock

This does have its drawbacks of course. Not all knitting is suitable for all times and places. Making these tiny twisted stitch cables whilst simlutaneously trying to stop the chart falling off my lap isn't the easiest thing to do on the bus and I had to rip back two and a half rounds yesterday after omitting to make two sets of "KFBF"s (knit into the front, back, and front of the stitch in order to make two extra stitches) whilst knitting at the pub. Can't think why I forgot to put those in!

Jorvik sock

I do appreciate that this single minded concentration on one project at a time will make for rather boring viewing on the blog but fret not - it really can't last!

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Felix said...

I know that stressy knitting workload feeling all too well! Well done for taking the pressure off and deciding to concentrate on one project at a time and ENJOY it! I shall try and take some inspiration from that; I definitely suffer from getting stressed about 'the knitting workload' and could do with remembering that IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN!