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Sunday, May 02, 2010


You might wonder why I would go through all the pain and hard work involved in training for and running a marathon. I have one word for you - prizes!

Quite apart from the medal, t shirt, and pre and post-race goody bags I got a bunch of other stuff from my lovely friends and the boyfriend.

The day before the race Lara held a lovely tea party for me with flowers, balloons, and mini champagne flute bubble blowers.

Flowers at Lara's

Felix brought me a pre-race treat that wouldn't interfere with my race preparation. It's a tiny sparkly cake pendant with a tiny fork to "eat" it with.

Good luck pendant

I also bought myself a pre-race present from Sisters & Daughters in Blackheath - I love this bracelet so much, and it goes a treat with my favourite Amy Butler skirt.


When we finally got home after the race I found that the boyfriend had bought me a little rose bush and put champagne in the fridge (which I then drank in the bath).


And then when I got into back work on Tuesday I found yet another present in my pigeonhole.

MasterChef Cookbook

A big thank you to my very thoughtful and generous friends and to everyone who wished me luck before the race or sent me congratulations afterwards!

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