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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Camera clearout

Inspired by Felix's recent post here are a few shots from this weekend and last weekend.

Knee socks

Knee socks knit from Megan's (The Thylacine) Wellington sock yarn in the colourway Scarpantoni. You've got to love a sock yarn with enough yardage to get a pair of knee socks from a single skein.

Black tulip

Black tulips harvested from the pot on the balcony in order to clear out some space to plant new bedding plants on Saturday. It's hardly Jane Brockett's "tulip triangle" but these are very classy. I'm going to make a lot more effort with the balcony this summer - I really want to be able to see a bit of colour when I look out of the window.

Knights of Royal England

The Knights of Royal England at Blenheim Palace on Saturday.

1 comment:

Moggle said...

Blimey! Are they the tallest socks ever? I can see what you mean about the yardage now :-)

They're fantastic btw!