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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The slippery slope

I'm not talking about the one I helped to dig out yesterday, or the one I went sledging down today. Of course I love independent craft stores but a big crafting supermarket whose name begins with "H" just about saved my bacon yesterday when I finally decided that there weren't any nice family cards (for under a fiver) to be had in either Manchester or Bolton.

Rudy card

Although I went in with the intention of making some beaded Christmas tree cards a la Petit Filoux but these kits looked just so fun and easy (NB: I didn't actually buy this kit - the ones I chose were considerably less cheesy).

I am rather concerned that it may be downhill all the way to decoupage and scrapbooking from here on in!

Talking of downhill we have had perfect snow for sledging (it's about six inches deep on the road now). Earlier in the day Laurie had her first sledge ride down the driveway.

Laurie on sledge

Then, a bit later on, whilst Laurie was having her nap her Aunty Lizzy went out with the sledge to a slightly bigger hill (you really can't tell from this photo but this is a proper good hill for sledging).

Mountain Peak

The snow conditions were excellent and I had about a dozen goes before coming off quite hard and deciding that the next go should be the last. It's difficult to walk up hill with a sore arse! No photos of me (as I was on my tod) but I'm hoping to persuade Laurie's mummy out later on!

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tinebeest said...

Lucky you! All we've had here for winter weather is an abandoned club run because the pavements were one sheet of black ice! No snow down 'ere, my 'ansome...