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Monday, December 14, 2009

Appliqued leaf

The group quilt project has been taking a back seat over the past few weeks, what with dress-making and Christmas knitting, but I got a gentle reminder in the post that I should be working on my Celtic applique block in the shape of an acknowledgement of our registration for the 2010 Festival of Quilts at the NEC. I'd stalled a little bit on the second leaf so it was nice to finish that in Eleanor's company (it's always good to have moral support for the tricky bits) and the third leaf seemed to go much more easily. I'd learnt (the hard way) that it's a good idea to line the outer edge of the piping up against the outer edge of the leaf to ensure that all the layers of fabric are caught down by the stitching.

Appliqued flower

It's still over 5 months until we even have to send in the entry form so we should have plenty of time to finish the quilt, especially as after Sally, Eleanor, and I have finished our current blocks the remainder should involve a lot more machine stitching and a lot less applique by hand.

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Petit Filoux said...

It's beautiful! From where I'm standing, it definitely looks like it's worth all the hard work you're putting into it!