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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Knit night

Brakspear o'clock

Beer and yarn, it's a winning combination.

I love my knitting group. As soon as I sit down in the pub and pull out my knitting on Wednesday nights it's like my soul takes a big sigh of relief and says "... and relax". We had a lovely evening. We cooed over the big pile of Megan's yarn and admired Ellen's stocking and petted Poppy-the-prettiest-dog-in-the-worldTM and smelled Tineke's Shetland fibre beasties sweater (no, really). I love our mad little knitting world where no one thinks it's (too) weird to sniff yarn. I got loads of knitting done too - I'm almost down to the toe on the first bloke sock in Megan's Wellington sock yarn in Stringbark, at this rate I'm on for a new sock knitting PB although as with marathons, so with sock knitting, the second half is always slower.

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tinebeest said...

Heck, if there is Shetland around, it demands to be sniffed! :-) Many perfumes are much more offensive to the senses than some lovely lanolin.

I also breathe that sigh of relief each Wednesday night when I finally escape from the Institute and get to sit down with you all. Few things are as soothing as knitting a few lines in excellent fibre-friendly company...