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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Christmas mugs

The boyfriend and I tend to spend a lot of time over Christmas with our respective families so we need to get our own Christmas stuff out early in order to enjoy it before we head off to Kent and Bolton. We've already had two cups of coffee out of the Christmas mugs and I'll be putting up the decorative twigs (with their new Handm@de ornaments) on Friday.

Christmas knitting is underway too. I've finished one scarf for a colleague and I'm a quarter of the way through a pair of socks in Megan's gorgeous Wellington sock yarn in the Stringybark colourway. I love this yarn, there's a real complexity and subtlety to the colourway which totally does not show up in this photo!

Stringybark sock

Proper daylight photos when we get some proper daylight around here!


jane said...

The Christmas mugs are great - how fun!
That yarn is beautiful - I've just favourited Megan's lovely Etsy shop, so thank you for the link :)
Good luck with the rest of the Christmas knitting!

Felix said...

That sock looks lovely and the steam coming up off your coffee makes me want to drive right on over with cake! x