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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Random Thursday

I scraped my knuckles on an extremely vicious bit of hedge whilst running on Tuesday. If anyone asks I'm going to claim I was in a fight and you should see the other guy.

I get intensely annoyed by cyclists who cycle either in the road or the bus lane when there's a perfectly good cycle path right there! If there's a 50mph speed limit and your name's not Mark Cavendish then you shouldn't be in the road holding up the traffic.

I've been out running three times this week already and I hope to make it four on Saturday. I may have to buy yet more running socks as the laundry is not keeping up with this schedule.

I'll be knitting more tiny owls this weekend as I'm manning a stall for the OGWSD at an RSPCA fundraising fair in Woodstock on Saturday the 28th. Hopefully there'll be lots of bird lovers there.


tinebeest said...

Ouch! Hedges fight back?

Cyclists in the wrong lane: erm... the bike path along the Woodstock road heading out of town is a disgrace (and it is by no means the worst!)- it is very bumpy and poles for traffic signs are placed right in the middle. Plus we have to share with pedestrians who do not always stick to their side of the path. So when traffic is low I can sometimes be found on the road, yes. But always with hi viz vest and lights!

Petit Filoux said...

What annoys me is cyclists who use the pavement. Very irritating, especially at night when I don't see them coming and have to jump out of their way!!!