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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Champagne moment

Champagne moment

I don't want to start enumerating poultry and I'm keeping skin contact with the wooden desk at all times as I type this but I think that the work project we have been planning and sweating over for the past few months and which has been keeping me awake at nights for the past couple of weeks (culminating in yesterday's night of total insomnia) is just about completed. I'm sitting here with a glass of Sainsbury's finest champagne (it really is very good) just about to head downstairs for a steak dinner and Strictly Come Dancing. Life is good right at this minute.

Plus I have a kick dress (as Buffy would say) and shoes which I bought in John Lewis this morning. Photos tomorrow maybe.


Ruth said...

Wooohooo!! Glad to hear it. Enjoy Strictly (without Jade and Ian :( )

Judith said...

Congratulations - hope you can catch up on some sleep now. zzzzzz

Felix said...

The number of my hypothetical chickens is not known and I shall desist from changing this until you have drunk all the champagne!

Enjoy any much-deserved time off following the tough project and hopefully I'll get to see you soon x