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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Is this the weirdest looking sock you've ever seen?

Ribbed sock

So weird in fact that Lien had to ask what it was at Bluestockings this evening! Trust me, it looks a lot more sock-like on the foot. I really wanted to design a sock where all the shaping was created by the stitch pattern and the only way I could do it was with a very small, pointy toe. There was quite a bit of sock knitting going on round the table. Ellen was working on her niece's fabulous Christmas stocking and Jenny had completed her first sock in the lovely red yarn.

I came home to find that the boyfriend had created a masterpiece in shepherd's pie form. He was so proud of his beautiful pie that he thought it deserved a mention on the blog.

Shepherd's pie

The potatoes are light and fluffy, the sauce is full of flavour, and it's as pretty as a picture...but is it good enough for the quarter-final of Masterchef?


Petit Filoux said...

The pie looks delicious, he should be proud! Love the colour of the sock, although not sure about the shape!!! You'll have to show it to us on your foot!

Felix said...

I love the thought of your sock with its clever integrated stitch-pattern architecture.

I am intrigued by the shape, and it puts me in mind of Cat Bhordhi and her discovery that the versatile, forgiving nature of knitted fabric means it can be shaped in many ways and still be a well-fitting sock.

The colour is divine.