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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pain, I can't sleep*

I know that I can claim time in lieu (i.e. leave) for work done at the weekend but do you think I can claim a lie-in in lieu for project-related sleepless nights? On the plus side I have managed to knit a whole mitten in a pattern I've been trying to work up since Woolfest in the summer (when I had my last bout of insomnia - although that time it was mainly because I was high on caffeine and wool fumes). I got a lot of knitting done that night too. Not that my knitting doesn't suffer a bit under these conditions. For instance I just made a beautiful spit splice to an entirely random bit of yarn under the impression that it was the piece I had broken off at the thumb.

Talking of Woolfest reminds me that my work stresses are very small beer compared to the misery of the poor people in Cumbria who have been flooded out this weekend. It's heartbreaking to see Cockermouth, where Kate (and Tom), Lara, Felix, and I had such a lovely time in the summer, submerged under feet of water and Keswick and Kendal too - places that I know really well.

* just to say, there's no any actual pain involved - it's a lyric from a song which I have on my ipod.


Lara said...

I thought of our lovely time at woolfest as well when I saw the news last night. Its really sad. However I'm excited that your mittens are going well although hope you manage to get some sleep soon! (Ps I love the idea that you were high on tea and wool fumes!)

Felix said...

I hadn't fully grasped the extent of the flooding until I read this and after a quick check around the interwebs I am horrified at the extent of the flooding. There is an excellent post here also mentioning Woolfest, by Natalie of the Yarn Yard: