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Friday, November 06, 2009

By the river

I went for a wonderful run this lunchtime. I feel so lucky that I can get up from my desk and 15 minutes later I'm running along the River Thames with geese and ducks swimming on the river and cows and horses grazing alongside. It's a great way to relax in the middle of the working day - when I'm out running in the sunshine along the river or canal it feels like a holiday, it's so different from the regular lunchtime routine. It's also a great answer to the problem of early evenings in the winter - normally at this time of year I hardly get to run off road in the week - it's so nice to get away from the roads and the traffic and run in the daylight.

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Petit Filoux said...

You're very lucky indeed! I can't face the idea of going for a run at lunch, firstly because I would be running around really busy areas of London (Oxford Street, I don't think so!), and I get really REALLY red in the face, not a good look in the office! But I can imagine it makes for a really nice break - make the most of it! x