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Monday, February 09, 2009

Oh, the weather outside is frightful

The upside to me and the boyfriend waiting nearly an hour in the cold this morning for a bus that never materialized* (apart from my almost finishing his second sock) was that by the time we gave up and got back to the flat for coffee and to pick up the car keys the postie had dropped off three or four more birthday cards and a very exciting looking parcel which turned out to contain some gorgeous Spindlefrog roving from Lara and Katie. It's sooo pretty.


The cards contained vouchers for John Lewis from my aunt and uncle and for Socktopus from my twin brother. I've just used the voucher to order a skein each of Merino Slim Sock in Merlot and Merino Chubby Sock in Merlot and Minty respectively from the Knittery.

There was even a reward for making it into work as I was very excited to find a Crabtree and Evelyn bag on my office chair and even more excited to discover that it contained fat quarters rather than handcream - cheers Aliki!

fat quarters

I'm torn between making another quilt (because two on the go at once just isn't enough) or something else that I don't have a superfluity of like place mats or cushions.

* whilst I quite understand that a big smash on the A34 might delay a bus running on the A44 I really don't understand how it can make it disappear entirely.

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Sarah said...

Happy Birthday, albeit belatedly.

Hope you're well.

x x