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Sunday, February 15, 2009

The lark's on the wing; The snail's on the thorn.

Felix's quilt

Actually the snails seem to be on peapods rather than thorns and it was nearer 2am than 7 when I finished stitching the binding on Saturday morning but it was totally worth it in order to have Felix's quilt finished in time to give to her at the opening of Love is Awesome on Saturday night.

Felix's quilt

The quilt is a stash buster so the fabrics were bought at various times and places. The sashing fabric is leftover from the Amy Butler skirt that I made last August, the blocks are a mixture of fabrics from the Quilt Room bought at the FoQ last year and the year before and from Hobbycraft in Reading and Bolton, some are even leftover from the quilt fabric that Felix herself bought for me. The backing fabric, which I adore, is yet more Amy Butler this time from Liberty.

Felix's quilt

I really enjoyed making the sashed blocks, they're very simple but very effective, it was very satisfying to use up all the bits and pieces leftover from three quilt and one skirt, and it was lovely to be able make this for Felix - it's made with love (which is awesome btw) and I hope it brings lots of joy!


Felix said...

The quilt is full of joy and I love it and feel very loved by its gorgeous presence!

Love is indeed awesome.
Thanks so much for this, it means a lot xxx

atia said...

that is gorgeous!