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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Feels like summer

Grey heron

I really wish I had a proper zoom lens on my camera. We saw this chap just 15 yards away enjoying the sunshine on our walk around Christ Church meadow this afternoon.

This is what he looks like uncropped.

Grey heron 2

I've not been in Christ Church meadow for some time. A lot of the dead climbing plants have been cleared away from the trees which means that you can really appreciate the wonderful patterns in the bark.


Despite the fantastic weather there were clear signs that autumn really is here.


There's no sight quite like that of a novice fresher crew taking to the water for the first time. Alas, a still photo doesn't really convey the sheer lack of coordination. Still it looked like they were having fun.

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Lara said...

Ahhh - your post brought a tear to my eye. Think I'm a bit homesick! I love watching Novice rowers - one of my early Oxford dates with John we sat under an umbrella watching novice crews. It is the shouting and looks on the crews faces which is so funny. See you soon xxx