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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

WIP - Classic cardigan

More yarn reclaimed from the stash. I bought this apple green baby cashmerino to knit a pair of fingerless gloves from the (now defunct) Magknits site. I can't recall the pattern name - something to do with the sea?

Classic cardigan - detail

Anyway, I got as far as the fingers on the first glove and just couldn't work out how to continue the pattern into them. I fudged it and made a start on the second glove but it wasn't really working for me so they languished in the UFO pile for a year or two. I had a big tidy up of the stash on Friday - wound all the oddments into neat little balls, separated out the needles, and ripped back anything where the yarn could be used for another project.

Classic Cardigan

Two balls of baby cashmerino (minus the fingers which I could not be bothered to rip back individually) should be just enough for a newborn size baby cardigan. Baby books don't tend to give patterns in actual newborn size (figuring that most knitters want the garment to fit the baby for more than 2 seconds) but it can be achieved by downsizing yarn and needles. In this case I'm knitting the 3-6 month size of a pattern which calls for 4mm/4.5mm needles and aran weight yarn on 3mm/3.25mm needles with a yarn between 4 ply and DK weight to achieve a three-quarters size garment. All the stitch counts remain the same, you just need to remember to multiply all measurements in cm/inches by 0.75.

Classic Cardigan

So far I've knit the body and half a sleeve and I'm still on the first ball. There may even be enough over for matching bootees.

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Lara said...

I love the colour and your stashbusting sounds great. Having just purchased quite a lot of wool for lace projects - it was very bargainous though! I'm feeling like stash busting and sorting is required. I'm thinking of even getting rid of wool that I can't see myself using in the next 12 months which does feel quite radical!