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Thursday, May 15, 2008

More spring greens

Classic cardigan - FO

Pattern: Classic cardigan from The Baby Knits Book by Debbie bliss
Yarn: Baby Cashmerino
Needles: 3mm/3.25mm
Ravelled: here

Altogether this turned into a pleasingly thrifty project. The stashed yarn is nearly all gone and the buttons were reclaimed from an old pair of gloves. I'm really pleased by how the red and white add a bit of quirkiness whilst the green really seems to match the yarn. I also had a pair of deep pink buttons but I wanted to keep the cardigan unisex. The neck has turned out a bit small (as with the first of these) but you can always leave the top button undone.



Meantime out on the balcony the lettuces and spinaches are really coming along - in fact the baby spinach leaves are edible already.

pak choi

We also had two tub of grow your own salad containing lamb's lettuce, pak choi and more spinach but it turned out we weren't really so keen on them so they've become purely decorative - luckily the flowers are pretty.


Felix said...

I am very impressed by your lovely, green, spring-filled photographs! I had no idea pak choi had such pretty flowers.

My rocket is only at the seedling stage and I am not brave enough to plant lettuce in the face of all the slugs.

Your cardigan is beautiful; I am deliriously excited about the hopscotch pattern being up on Ravelry.

Moggle said...

Cute cardi. I love the different coloured buttons.