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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Brand new/old bag

This is more or less my first ever knitting FO.

Knitting/ed bag

I bought the yarn way back when Oxford actually had a Rowan shop (it's now a copy place - sigh) along with a copy of Big Easy in order to knit the pattern Merry. Sadly when the pattern was done not only was I not too keen on the gauge (a little indecent frankly) but the damn thing wouldn't go over my head. After toying with the idea of undoing one shoulder and adding buttons I finally ripped it all out and wondered what to do with the rather expensive yarn.

The answer was this bag from another Rowan big wool book (bought for another doomed Rowan big wool project - more of which later) which knit up quickly and easily, looked great - and stretched like nothing on earth which is why it sat in a drawer for the last two years. It only occurred to me this weekend that lining it might just do the trick.

Pattern: Violet from The Next Big Thing
Yarn: Rowan Big Wool
Needles: 10mm
Lining and handle fabric is by Makower from Hobbycraft.

It's now carrying around my latest knitting project which matches it in a very pleasing manner.

After struggling to machine stitch cotton fabric to chunky merino wool (my poor machine foot) sticking a border around the quilt was the work of a moment (or at least half an hour).

cabbage patch quilt

My cotton batting arrived from the Quilt Room on Monday and I'd be quilting away right now if I hadn't accidentally left the parcel at Ellen's last night - oops. If she brings it to knitting for me on Wednesday please, please don't let me leave it in the pub.

Last but not least, the pattern for the Hopscotch socks is finally up on Ravelry. it has been test knit twice so I'm hoping that there aren't too many errata. If you spot any please let me know via Ravelry or the comments.

Hopscotch #5

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