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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Spring greens

I'm all set to finish the Cabbage Patch quilt now that I've bought fabric for the backing (green gingham) and a border (more cabbages). I also found some lovely variegated thread in yellowy greens for the quilting.

Quilt fabrics

On the knitting front I've cast on another River stole. I've been wearing my old one to work all this week. It's beautifully light so you don't feel like you're wearing a big woolly scarf around the office but toasty warm at the same time and the mohair silk blend just gets softer and softer with wear. The difference between the one I've just cast on (quite crisp and sproingy) and the one I've been wearing is really noticeable.

River stole progress

I've also cast on another Little Pyramids scarf in Artesano 4 ply alpaca for my mum. I'm only an inch in, but then it's not needed until October when it's her birthday.

Little pyramids scarf

Today was typical British Bank Holiday weather. We gamely set off towards Silverdale (nr Morcambe) in the car in lashing rain and were rewarded by it mostly clearing up at we got nearer to the coast.

Silverdale headland

We managed a two hour walk and a picnic lunch by the sea without getting soaked. I had fun playing with the macro feature on my camera and taking pics of wildflowers.

Wild strawberry

British bluebells

Definitely worth getting damp knees for.

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