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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Messy Tuesdays - week 2

Messy Tuesday

This week I present the somewhat unedifying spectacle of my yarn and fabric stash. The yarn should be living (safe from dust and moths) in the plastic boxes stacked to the right of the photo. The fabric stash is too recent for me to have actually devised a storage solution. The problem with this (aside from the fact that it reduces my leverage when trying to get my boyfriend to tidy up his mess) is that WIPs and UFOs are mixed up with abandoned half projects, project stash (i.e. yarn for which I have a purpose) and odds and ends of balls meaning that I have to search through five different places to find anything.

The point of Messy Tuesdays as I see it, is not really to glorify the mess but rather to acknowledge its existence as a result of choosing to do something else than tidying with one's time.

Hence, more progress on the Sheep Yoke Baby Cardigan.

Sheep Yoke Cardigan

I've just got 4 rows of yoke to knit before dividing for the body and sleeves and it looks like I'll have plenty for the second one. Plus a lot more odds and ends to add to the pile above!

1 comment:

Emily said...

I agree, not to glorify it, but also to recognise it and share that we have it so we don't each feel we're the only messy one in a world of people who immediately put everything away.

Love the sheep yoke baby cardi! hope you're making it nice and big for years (or at least months) of wear after all that work?