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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Sheep detail

Sheep Yoke Baby Cardigan

The Sheep Yoke Baby Cardigan is still racing along. I've finished the yoke and am onto the main body. Of course this means about 5 inches of solid stocking stitch so I've been breaking it up by doing some of the sheep embroidery. I'm using the yarn held double to give a good solid effect.

I was a little worried in the shop about whether the blue and green were a bit bright but I'm very pleased with the effect now. I think that they work really well together in lifting the main colour.

I'm also less concerned about the leftovers now - apparently there's a matching hat!


christine (threedogknits) said...

So adorable. This is going in my Ravelry queue.

Emily said...

I love seeing the sheep up close and personal - the garter works so well (and the embroidery, too, of course, but I'm especially in love with the fluffy white garter against the smooth green stocking stitch).

Felix said...

this is extremely beauteous!

Anonymous said...
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Sheri said...

I think your work looks great! love the colors you chose. Do you understand what the pattern means when it suggests you can reinforce working in the round with your sewing machine? this is part of the notes and suggestions for modifying area on the pattern. I have decided to try hte slip stitch method of changing color referred to as mosaic...I looked it up on the Utube and watched a video ...looks quite simple really. you could even switch to it mid stream if you like it when you check it out!!! :) let me know what you think of the sewing reinforcement thing ok?

Liz said...

In answer to Sheri:

I think what the pattern notes are referring to is the technique called steeking. This is where you knit a colourwork pattern in the round (to avoid having to purl) and then cut along the line where you want the opening of the cardigan to be. Probably best if you google this as there are some very clear guides out there but basically you knit a column of about 5 extra stitches, usually in a chequerboard pattern up the middle of the cardigan, then either machine stitch or crochet two lines of reinforcement and cut between them. You then pick up stitches for the button bands as usual.

Hope this helps.