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Monday, March 10, 2008

Des boutons moutons

Aren't these sweet?

Des boutons moutons

Last Wednesday evening I dashed across town after getting back from seeing my niece to see if the knitters were still in the pub. They were and I was rewarded for my efforts with these lovely buttons from Kirsty.

Not only are they incredibly cute, they're also very timely as I've finally knitted all the pieces for the Sally baby cardigan and the sheep buttons will match perfectly.


The observant amongst you might notice that I've cheated a bit on the sleeves which are knit plain rather than in the pattern. This was done for two very pragmatic reasons: firstly babies have very little fingers which tend to get caught in anything loopy when you're dressing them; secondly (and this was the clincher) I found knitting the pattern and shaping at the same time really quite awkward and stressful as I just couldn't get the edges as neat as I'd like and there were lots of loose stitches. The thought of knitting two more pieces like that was just too much to contemplate. I think it will still look great with plain sleeves though.

The cardigan is now blocking ready to be finished up when I get back. In fact, I suppose I could even take it on holiday with me and finish it on the plane. Does anyone know if BA objects to yarn needles!?!


christine (threedogknits) said...

I've never flown BA, but I've never had a problem flying with needles. Just in case though I always have scrap yarn and a tapestry needle with me should they ever not let me on the plane with my needles. That way at least I'll save the w.i.p.

Penny said...

They are sweet buttons - is that a replica bobbin next to them?

Lara said...

The buttons are lovely and perfect for the beautiful cardigan. I'm sorry we didn't hang around at knitting but I'll see you after easter. Have a great time in Prague - I'm off to Paris next week. xx


I shouldn't imagine they'd object if you get yourself one of those plastic yarn needles. Not so sure about anything metal...