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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Last night, inspired by the start of the new series of MasterChef The Professionals, I brought out my new-to-me* pasta maker and made lasagne from scratch** with homemade pasta. The really lovely thing about making my own pasta (aside from the fact that that always gets you bonus points in the MasterChef kitchen) is that I could cut individual sheets fit the round baking dishes rather than having to create a kind of crazy paving lasagna by breaking the corners off the rectangular sheets from the supermarket.

homemade pasta

Perfectly round lasagne.

Lasagna from scratch

The next challenge is ravioli. Maybe I can make a few to accompany tonight's episode.

* bought some time ago by my parents and never used
** full disclosure - husband made the bolognese sauce yesterday but otherwise I made it from scratch


Mikal Ann said...

What a good idea - I was thinking I should get a square pan for lasagna, but a pasta maker would be even better!

Felix said...

Your perfectly circular lasagne is deeply pleasing.