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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Wool on the move

I just found another candidate for the Wovember gallery!

Running sheep

Stampeding sheep in Stonethwaite in 2009. Photo taken the day after one of the wettest walks I have ever taken, to Scale Force with my parents.

Mum at Crummock water

Hardy souls that they are, my parents plugged on through solid rain I think mostly to humour me (I hate turning back with a walk half done). Besides, you can't really appreciate afternoon tea in the cosy lounge of a traditional lake district hotel with a crackling fire and a pile of weekend supplements unless you've been soaked to the skin for three hours first.

The Langstrath Valley (in case you're not familiar) is the prettiest valley in Lakeland - photos really do not do it justice.

Langstrath valley


LuisaM said...

The running wool is quite catchy too!

Anonymous said...

The neat part about changing your mind while halfway through a walk is that even if you turn around, you still have half the walk to go so you end up with a whole walk anyway. Walk maths dictate that you may only turn back if you are before the halfway point, because after that there's no reason to (unless you want to lengthen your walk and see the same scenery. Then by all means go ahead and turn around at the 3/4 walk point).

I made my way here via an old post at Needled, by the way. I feel the same way about walks, if you couldn't tell! :)