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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hen day

Just got back from an amazing hen day with my girl friends masterminded by the amazing Felix. Felix arrived this morning to whisk me away on my mystery day out. First stop was the Jam Factory in Oxford to meet up with Ruth (Great Malvern), Ruth (Chichester), Jenny, Mikal, Kirsty, Lara, and Ellen (plus baby) for coffee. We had a fantastic Yankee swap in which I ended up with Amy Butler's Sew It Kit and the girls presented me with the most beautiful hand knitted wedding bunting which deserves a post all to itself.

After coffee and the swap it was time to head off to the second mystery venue of the day. I was completely in the dark as to where we were going, even after we arrived in Wantage I had no clue until we walked around the corner from the car park and saw the sign saying "Fyberspates this way"!

The girls had brought bubbly, sandwiches, scones and cake so after we'd all enjoyed a spot of lunch and Jeni had explained the basics to us we set about dyeing some yarn. We each had a skein of Sheila sock, one of sparkle lace, and one of merino silk to dye. First of all I tried dyeing some of the Sheila sock - I wanted to recreate a skein of smoothie sock that I bought from Artist's Palette yarns a couple of years ago and I think I succeeded.

Hand dyed Sheila sock

This is going to look fabulous in a pair of socks.

Then I switched to green and dyed a lovely skein of merino silk as a semi-solid.

Hand dyed merino silk

I'm thinking either a scarf or maybe a hat and mittens.

Finally I dyed two beautiful skeins of sparkle lace in pink (far left) and silver (second to left). I love this yarn - it has silver in it!

My dyed yarn

I'm especially happy with the silver. I think it's possibly the prettiest yarn I've owned and I'm blown away that I dyed it myself.

I can't tell you what a lovely day I've had. I was so touched by the nice things my friends said about me and that they went to so much trouble organising this for me.

Thank you so much all of you! And to Jeni for letting us loose in her workspace!

Here are some photos from the day.

hen day mosaic

And here's all the yarn we dyed!

All the yarn


Jenny said...

All the yarns came out beautifully didn't they. I hope Felix's last yarn worked second time!

I love both of your sparkly yarns, such pretty colours.

Joanna said...

Friends, yarn and food - what an absolutely perfect day! Your yarn looks gorgeous.

Mikal Ann said...

Wow, look at all those colours (and sparkle). Brilliant photos of a brilliant day!

Felix said...

It was so much fun to organise and I'm super happy that everyone seemed to have such a good time.