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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy Monday

Going back to work on Monday after my lovely hen day might have felt like a bit of a come down except I was only in the office for half a day before catching the train to London for shopping, tea, and opera. I love the train journey between Oxford and London. There are some lovely stretches of countryside around Reading and it's great to see the fields changing back from brown to green after all that snow and rain.

First stop in London was John Lewis where I did some very organised card shopping sorting out two weddings, two birthdays, a thank you, an anniversary, and Valentines day before heading up to the haberdashery department to spend my Christmas vouchers on yarn. It took at least half an hour for me to look at the yarn, pick a colour, check the yardage, check the recommended gauge, wonder about choosing a different colour, wonder about choosing a different fibre content, lust after the new Amy Butler yarns for Rowan, get distracted by the fact that my hands appear on the first page of the new Rowan, wonder about stripes, go back to the first yarn, decide that stripes would look good, pick colours, pick different colours, finally make it to the tills and resist the impulse to break out of the line to change colours again (and I didn't even mention the part where I started looking at the felted tweed and wondering whether I should just knit something for myself rather than a dress for the new niece that's on her way). btw this happens every single time!

Rowan Wool Cotton

Anyway - here's what I ended up with. Four balls of Rowan Wool Cotton in dark brown and very pale purple to knit this. Should look cute I think.

After all that I headed off to Yumchaa on Berwick Street as recommended by the lovely Lara. It really is a little oasis of calm and delicious tea just minutes from Oxford Street-not that I don't love the John Lewis tea shop but I'm so happy to have found a lovely tea venue in central London.

More tea drinking tomorrow as I'm meeting up with my future sister-in-law, who wasn't able to make it to the hen day, for tea and cake after work. I will be at Bluestockings but not until a little bit later (around 7 or 7:30).


Clare said...

Lovely colours - and a cloth house sticker? My favourite place...
Loving reading your blog posts as it gets closer to W day!!

Bea said...

Erin, I stumbled upon your blog this morning and have spent the whole day reading it. I'm a woman raised in a small city and now living in a sprawling suburban area. Some of your posts made me laugh out loud, and quite a few made me think about the independent farmers and their daily lives. Some brought tears to my eyes and some made me realize how your faith plays such a major role in your lives. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with a city "girl" who's old enough to be a grandmother now.

Bea said...

Sorry about the cross-post to Erin. I think I've deleted it and it pops up again at all the wrong times. Anyway, the dress is adorable and the Rowan Yarn in those colors will be so cute. Can't wait to see your progress.