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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Are we nearly there yet?

Phew just two and a half weeks to go to the wedding and everything's nearly in place. I just need to talk to the caretaker of the Assembly Room about tables and chairs and the caterers about sandwich fillings and cake flavours and there are a few jobs to do on the day before the wedding and on the wedding morning itself but it's all in hand.

I'm getting very excited about my hen do which is this Sunday. It's being organised by the amazing Felix and I have absolutely no idea what we'll be doing - it's all very intriguing.

I'm also very excited about the Aeolian wedding shawl which is nearly done - just the bind off to complete and the painstaking process of blocking. I can't wait to see it after blocking, I really hope it lives up to expectations because I fell seriously out of love with knitting it by the time I got to the last chart. It was like running 25 miles of a marathon and then discovering that the final mile is all uphill. It's a beautiful shawl but I cannot recommend knitting the beaded version as a fun experience.

OK - must get up and make coffee and sort out yoghurt for pudding before I fall asleep on the sofa. I'm feeling very sleepy after a very satisfying run this evening - a whole 5 miles which is a good deal further than I've managed lately.


Anonymous said...

This is getting really exciting. I have been following your path for quite a while now. Yes, who better than Felix? Not that I know any of you personally, but it all forms such a nice picture of what you all do!
(How do you manage to drink coffee before going to sleep? I'd be wide awake!!)

Felix said...

I have hugely enjoyed the scheming and am mega-impressed at your progress on the massive shawl and homemade dress!!!

Abby said...

ooooooooo exciting times! I love lact knitting... it's ace! but you think you are doing really well then it just gets bigger. it the begining its 10mins a row byt he end its almost an hour... ahhhhh

Anyway - fun fun fun