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Monday, January 31, 2011

Because I don't have enough on my plate already

I decided to knit a little pillow for my little niece Laurie to carry at our wedding on Saturday. I chose knitting over sewing as my sewing machine and all the wedding dress fabric are still up in Bolton and even though Mum could have posted the fabric to me I didn't fancy sewing satin by hand - or rather I didn't fancy my chances of sewing it in a straight line.

Plus it meant that I got to knit this lovely cable from my Vogue cables Stitchionary.

Ring pillow

Sneak preview of the rings if you're interested.

Pattern: Ring bearer (pattern forthcoming when I have a moment)
Needles: 3.25mm and 3.0mm
Yarn: Rowan British Sheep Breeds BFL DK
Notions: crochet hook and waste yarn for provisional cast on, ribbon to tie on rings.
Ravelled here.

I was very pleased with how this turned out - as with so many things the applied icord makes all the difference.

Ring pillow


Anonymous said...

It is beautiful. I am so excited for you! Getting and being married is something special in its own right and way.

Jenny said...


Ozzy Blackbeard said...

Oohh, that's lovely! Hope all the last minute things are going well, and lots of luck for Saturday!!

tinebeest said...


This Saturday? Woo! Good luck, have fun :-)