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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Quick Random Tuesday

I'm onto my second Hedera sock in some silvery Louet Gems Opal I bought back at the iKnit day in 2009. I wasn't too enthused about knitting with the yarn (it's a bit on the thick side) but on 2.75mm needles these are turning out to be surprisingly delicate and lacy. Knitting up quickly too - I only started sock #1 on Sunday evening.

I'm listening to Wolf Hall read by Simon Slater as an Audible download. For those of you that think that either the non-member's price (£23.99) or the monthly subscription (£7.99) seem a bit steep I have two words for you - free trial. Wolf Hall is fantastic btw. I'd not previously read the book and I'm loving it. I'm about 6 hours down, 18 to go.

I'm just about to head off to the running club for the regular Tuesday night run then it's home for Masterchef the Professionals on video. Hurrah for the return of Monica and Michel!


Kate said...

How I love Monica: "I would NAT serve that to Michel!"

Lara said...

I loved Wolf Hall and think Hilary Mantel fantastic writer. I really want to read the french revolution one as well. I've been thinking about trying audible - I might give the free trial a whirl. And thanks for reminding me about Masterchef - the professionals.