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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Low key

I've not really had a quiet weekend in the flat - just me with nothing to do and nowhere to go - since the end of July. It's been really restful to just relax with some good food, a bit of telly, some reading, the football on the radio, some knitting and spinning, and to catch up with the washing up and the laundry.

Butternut squash risotto

Roasted butternut squash and garlic risotto. This is sooo good. I had it for dinner last night and I'm having it again tonight (butternut squash just doesn't come in one person portions). The boyfriend (for some bizarre reason) is not a fan so I'm taking the opportunity to fill my boots whilst he's away for the weekend.

Maison Blanc yumminess

A Larieux from Maison Blanc. I couldn't say that this is my favourite MB cake, sorry, gateau - they're all my favourites. I walk past the shop twice a day on my way to and from work. I wouldn't be human (or at least female) if I didn't step in to buy a cake for pudding now and then.

I ate these whilst watching the final episode of Sherlock on video. I really like this new series - I'm really pleased that the Beeb are making another one. When the box has been switched off I've been reading The Private Patient by P.D. James. This is the first of her books that I've read. She's been recommended to me by several people although my sister's recommendation came with the caveat that she enjoys the books up to the point of the murder as she doesn't particularly like Adam Dalgliesh and I finally picked up this one which has been lying around the flat since the boyfriend bought it a while back. I'm quite near the end now and I'm looking forward to finishing it over dinner tonight whilst listening to the Prom.

There's been a bit of retail therapy too. I popped into Darnit and Stitch to look at wedding dress patterns on a tip off from Jenny and to buy some buttons for the green garter stitch baby jacket. These are just perfect I think, very pretty.


I also bought some yummy, half price chocs from Hotel Chocolat (the label said I should "consume promptly" - I don't think there's any danger of not doing that) and then a new nail varnish from Boots in a very tasteful coffee colour as I had a £5 voucher off (when exactly did nail varnish become so expensive btw?).

And very satisfyingly I've found time to sit down at my spinning wheel and start on some of the fibre I bought at Knit Camp in Stirling.

Old Maiden Aunt fibre

This is a handpainted Blue Faced Leicester and silk blend from Old Maiden Aunt in "Wishing and Hoping" - I wish and hope that you are all having as lovely and restful a weekend as I am.


Lara said...

Sounds heavenly Liz. Hurrah for quiet weekends, I love a good pottering weekends. I love PD James and haven't yet read Private Patient, I can thoroughly recommend Death in holy orders/The Lighthouse. Adam Dalgliesh is a bit of a grower - I didn't like him at first and still don't love him (like I love Rebus), I like him much more these days. oooh and are you going to make your wedding dress? That will be amazing.

Jenny said...

Lovely lovely buttons :)
I look forward to having a weekend like you are having now, it may be a few months though!
Any luck with the patterns?

Petit Filoux said...

That risotto looks amazing - I love butternut squash too, it's just so tasty!
I know what you mean about nail polish, it's all so expensive these days!!
Wedding dress patterns? Tell us more!!!