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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Finished objects galore

I've finished off a whole bunch of projects this week. Currently blocking in various locations around my living room are the Cloisonne jacket, Eyelet cap, and a garter stitch baby jacket.

The Cloisonne jacket was all but done before I went on holiday but I felt it was too bulky to cart around Ireland just for the sake of finishing the collar.

Cloisonne jacket

There are still a few ends to weave in here and there, the steek facing needs to be tacked down in a couple of places, and it needs buttons but it should be ready to wear by the weekend I hope.

Garter stitch baby jacket

This one doesn't need anything else to make it ready to wear - it just needs the intended wearer to arrive on the scene :-)

Eyelet cap

This one doesn't need anything else doing to it either. In fact I'd be wearing it already if it weren't for the fact that it's floofing out at the top of the brim in a most unattractive manner (think a handspun Shetland chef's hat).

Finalment we have a freezer paper stencilled t-shirt made at Ellen's gathering at the weekend using a stencil from this fabulous book which was brought by Abby.

Freezer paper stencilled shirt

I have to say that freezer paper stencilling is the most fun ever. It's crafty, you get a great finished object, and there's a high instant gratification quotient. I also stencilled this cute owl (traced from a card that Kate sent me).

Freezer paper stencilled owl

I was so pleased with how this turned out. Check out Ellen's post if you want to see the big reveal.

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Anonymous said...

The Cloisonne jacket is admirable; the link to freezer-paper stenciling is great too. Thanks for sharing both of these.

How will you curb the hat's undesirable floofiness? Sounds like something I'll need to know.
-- Gretchen