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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"Z" is for zipper

Striped zipped cardigan

I finally got around to putting a zipper band and zip onto Laurie's striped cardigan this weekend, just in time for her to take it back with her. This was my first zipper and it wasn't terribly easy. I managed the first side OK using the sewing machine but the second side was a nightmare. On my first attempt I broke the needle (turns out I was stitching over the teeth). On the second attempt the tension was completely out and I had to take it all out. For the third attempt I stitched it on by hand and made such a good job of it that I was nearly tempted to take out the first side and redo that by hand too.

Doesn't she look cute in it? I hope she'll enjoy zipping and unzipping the zipper too.


Felix said...

I share your zipper pain.
By hand is the best way, I reckon!

Petit Filoux said...

It looks fantastic!!

sue said...

She looks so cute and well done on the zipper. I always sew mine in by hand as they tend to stretch a little when I sew mine on the machine.