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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

A blast from my (knitting) past

I had an hour and a bit to kill between work and an athletics meeting so I holed up in one of the Oxford Bluestockings' old haunts, Oxford's Jericho Cafe, for tea, knitting, and a little bit of something.

tea and flapjack

I've missed the date and ginger flapjacks (nom nom nom) although not their custom of flicking the dimmer switch at 6:30pm.

little brown owls

All this week I've been working on these little brown and white owls. I ran out of knitting (!) on the train back from Bolton on Sunday so started experimenting with the leftover yarn from the striped fliptop mittens. A magic cast-on, a few rounds, try one thing, try another thing, a couple of decreases and all of a sudden I had something that I could take to the Oakford Social Club art and craft market this Sunday. I'll be there from noonish with Felix and a whole parliament of little owls.


Rooie said...

Does The Nosebag still exist? My mom and I spent a wonderful summer in Oxford in 1973...Mom was taking a course. We stayed at a B&B that no longer exists across the street from Christ Church meadow. And we ate as often as possible at The Nosebag. I think, if I'm remembering correctly, it was run by Oxford University women. Wonderful food.

Ah, now I'm a little sad.

Liz said...

Funnily enough the Nosebag is one of the few places in Oxford that I've never tried but it's definitely still there.

Lara said...

I love the flapjacks - I have missed them. The Nosebag is a favourite of mine - whole foodie in a good way. Def worth a visit!

Anonymous said...

Bit late - saw your Owl on Kate's blog love him. I would pay £5 - £7 for him although as a knitter too
I feel time taken should be on a par with alomst the average solicitors' pay.

Where can I get one ?