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Friday, October 16, 2009

Kicks and flicks

I'm very excited! It's jive week in Strictly and I have new shoes.

New shoes

They're ecoSneaks from Simple Shoes. I came across them in Schuh this evening and I was rather taken with their ethical policies and use of recycled materials (including old tyres and milk cartons). However, I have to confess that although I love the idea of ethical shoes the main factor was that I loved the pink laces against the grey suede and thought that they'd look rather fabulous with my collection of knee length skirts.

New shoes

Now all I need are the fabulous stripy grey tights I saw in M&S earlier.

I'm also very excited about the OGWSD guild meeting tomorrow. It feels like ages since the last guild meeting in the summer so I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone and settling down to some quality time with the wheel. I've got some Shetland singles on the wheel which I'm about halfway through plying and I think I'll take along the Welsh grey and Massam fibre to go into my British sheep breeds handspun blanket. This isn't because I'm running out of Shetland fibre, in fact I think I might already have enough spun and plied for the rest of my Arisaig cardigan and I don't want to have too much two-ply left over - I have already have enough leftovers in my stash.


Felix said...

Coincidentally, I just read John-Paul Flintoff's book 'Through the eye of a needle,' in which Simple shoes featured. He reviewed them in glowing terms, you'll be delighted to know, and - like you - was drawn to their ethical use of materials and hard-wearing construction!

Kim said...

I had a pair of brown Simple Shoes with wonderful teal laces. The shoes eventually fell apart but I kept the laces! :)