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Sunday, October 18, 2009

My first weaving

I borrowed Megan's rigid heddle loom on Saturday. I've been wanting to try weaving for some time and I have a bunch of stash yarn that I think would work better as woven projects than knitted ones.

First weaving attempt

This is my first go - I warped the loom with purple Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock and used the same yarn for the weft at first and then some plain light purple Jaeger Matchmaker Merino dk. I really liked the lighter weft against the darker variegated warp. It also seemed a bit easier to get an even weave with the heavier weft yarn.

Second weaving attempt

This is my second go using Helen's Lace for the warp and some more Matchmaker in 4 ply for the weft. I've had this yarn hanging around in the stash for ages and it felt really good to use it up. I rather messed up the finishing as I put it in the washer to neaten up the selveges and completely felted the fringe. I managed to create a not-too-bulky edge by cutting off the felted fringe and folding the edge under and hemming a seam. It's even purple so I can put it into our guild's display for the 6 Guilds Challenge. Our guild's colour is purple and we have an under the sea theme which I fulfilled by stitching a little purple fish bead and some glass bead air bubbles onto one corner. Photos when I have some decent light.

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Felix said...

The woven fabrics you have created are gorgeous. What a creative use of stash!